Free Downloadable Support Material for the
Forever Alexander Arrangement of Elements
3D Periodic Table Model

Trends Lesson Segment , by Roy Alexander


In this activity, to become a part of the lesson introducing property trends of the periodic table, students will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles surrounding the trending properties from greater to lesser within the periodic table.

Students will explore element property relationships among elements, particularly those illustrated on the Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Forever Periodic Table, as both the chart provided as a free download and the for-purchase periodic table display the same element relationships.

Teacher will include the 3D TrendsTube® in the regularly planned lesson, whether or not the 3D Forever is on hand, reinforcing and improving students' understanding of property relationships while scaffolding to students' primary use of the standard periodic table flat chart - backed up by the logic and clarity of their own 3D model and the classroom Alexander Arrangement model.

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